We just love to have a good time!

IcedUp Shaved Confections is a family owned and operated business that was conceived back in the summer of 2015. My daughter and I went to a local hawaiian business in Japantown to try shave ice for our first time. Needless to say, we fell in love. From there we thought how we could bring our own twist to shave ice, and wanted to share this delicious snow delicacy with others. Our shave ice is made from NSF approved BLOCK ice shavers. We use a refined process of only using reverse osmosis filtered water for our ice blocks and syrups. We have over 20 flavors which are made from only pure cane sugar; No artificial preservatives or high fructose corn syrups are used in making this tasty treat. We’ve been working hard on getting everything dialed in and can't wait to share our adventure with you all. Keep checking back for updates and new photos on our Instagram page.

We Freeze to Please

©2019 IcedUp Shaved Confections. Proudly created after a brain freeze.

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